Vastu Tips: A Smart Move While Buying Apartments in Lucknow.

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth – both financial affluence and emotional security” 

– Suze Orman

India is one of the largest and fastest-growing economies and its cities are also growing at the same pace. Apart from metropolitan cities, Tier-2 cities are also growing at the same pace and Lucknow is one of them. Buying Apartments in Lucknow is a smart investment. You get exposed to a lot of opportunities that aim towards a positive and happier future for you and your family. 

A well-built home is going to bring you pride and pleasure for many years to come, so the choice of your new home should be efficient and wise. Before you start investing in your dream home, you need to understand a lot of factors that come into the picture, Vastu being a major one of them. 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu system of architecture. It is the “science of architecture” and acts as a bridge between man and nature, providing the Do’s and Dont’s that should be followed during the construction phase of a home for a happy life. Many people disregard Vastu Shastra when buying a new home. They doubt its relevance in the current economic scenario and environment. A huge myth that exists in the society is that Vastu is relevant for the upper class, and does not apply to the middle and low-income groups.

Comebacks are now trending, not just with fashion, furniture, and music, but also with customs, traditions, and beliefs. A lifestyle that follows Vastu is back with a modern twist and people are understanding its importance while investing in Real Estate.

Here are some Vastu tips, which may help home buyers while planning their dream home. 

Doorway to Happiness

Vastu Shastra has great importance for the entrance door in a home. Many energies, either positive or negative, enter and exit a house through the doorway. Follow these guidelines in order to keep bad energy away from your joyous home:

  • The main door should face North, East or North-East direction.
  • If you want to face the main entrance door towards North, make sure you face it in the North-East direction, as it will provide you with morning sun rays which will be beneficial for your physical health as well as keep your house enlightened. 
  • Make sure that the main door of your house is the largest amongst all the doors.
  • A two-shuttered main door opening inside, as well as outside is considered auspicious for your new home.
  • For the entrance, only use premium quality wood to ensure the entrance of positive energies.

A Healthy Family is a Happy Family

The dining area is where a family sits together and have their daily meals with each other, whilst sharing and creating memories. These Vastu suggestions may help you in keeping your dining area pious and pure:

  • The dining area is the purest, when facing towards West, followed by the North and East direction.
  • Always keep the dining area spacious, clean and comfortable.
  • The best colours for dining room walls are Pink, Orange, Yellow, Cream or Off-White.
  • You can hang a mirror in the East or North wall of the dining area. 
  • Avoid placing the dining table under a beam.

Cooking happiness in the kitchen

“The more you know, the more you can create.

There's no end to imagination in the kitchen.”

Whether it be a 2BHK apartment or a 3 BHK apartment, the kitchen is always an important part of a house.

  • The best location to build your kitchen is the South-East corner of a home.
  • Make sure you do not have a Pooja/Prayer room above or under your kitchen.
  • Do not have a kitchen directly under or above washrooms.
  • Avoid the kitchen directly under or above the bedroom.
  • Always make sure that you do not place the cooking gas burner or stove directly in front of the kitchen’s entrance door.

A place for Comfort and Positivity 

You relax with your loved ones in the Living room, where everything is placed and arranged to ensure the utmost comfort. Keep in mind the following guidelines to experience positive and happy relaxing hours at your Home Sweet Home.

  • The best direction for your living room is East or North
  • Hang some paintings of Religious Deities and colourful art in the North-East wall or corner.
  • Avoid hanging any portrait depicting negative energy, like war, crime, weeping, etc. in the living area. 
  • The most suitable colours for the walls of the living area are White, Light Yellow, Blue or Green.
  • Always avoid red or black paint for living room walls.

Vastu can help you a lot in order to keep your home full of good health, wealth and prosperity. Following these simple tips and guidelines while building your dream home, can make sure that your home is filled with positive energies. A happy home is made up of good memories and positive vibes. Vastu Shastra assures you that no negative energy might enter in your happy abode.