High Rise Apartments or Independent Villas? Which lifestyle suits you the most? Let’s find out!

Major Tier-2 cities in India, are growing vertically, considering the number of Apartments, Villas, Shopping complexes, and Technology parks. Lucknow, being one of the fastest-growing city has brought in some tremendous properties. The biggest debate arises when there’s a choice between High rise Apartments and Independent Villas. Plenty of arguments exist, that support either sides of the coin.

Apartment culture in Lucknow has been taking over the residential homes, but there is still a huge percentage of the population that wants to have a home on their own land. The major concern for a buyer while choosing a property is its location. Having a property, at a wonderful and peaceful location increases its possibility of being chosen.

The choice of owning the right property depends also on the kind of lifestyle the buyer prefers. The trade-off between High rise Apartments and Independent Villas becomes tricky when the offerings from either of them are extremely premium and appealing to the buyer.

Perks of High Rise Apartments
  • The buyer has a higher variety of options to choose from, with different specifications and amenities according to their requirements.
  • Since there are more families living in the same building, or even on the same floor, there are higher chances of building lifelong community relationships. The amount of social interaction is higher.
  • The number of families staying at Apartments, attract business opportunities. Shopping malls, complexes, and restaurants target these localities to open up their outlets, with the motive of having a locational advantage.
  • The level of security is higher at High Rise Apartments.
  • In cases of Mortgage, buying an Apartment on loan is much easier, since banks provide hassle-free loans to some selected list of properties.
  • The cost and time in maintaining a High Rise Apartment are comparatively less.
  • High Rise Apartments are the best choice for a modern and nuclear family who want an affordable apartment in the city.
Perks of Independent Villas
  • The buyer has major control over the design and architecture of the Villa. He or she can decide upon the shape of the room, number of shelves to be built, the direction of the appliances, and many other important decisions.
  • The owner of a Villa has the power to decide the percentage of land to be left for gardening. Also, gardening is much more convenient and fruitful in Independent Villas.
  • Independent Villas have longer lives since they can be refurbished, demolished, or rebuilt.
  • If a buyer wants their own land, and their own terrace to relax at, Independent Villas is a better choice for them.
  • The level of privacy is extremely high in the case of Independent Villas. It suits the people who like to organize small parties or like to spend time with their family alone.


There are a plethora of options for Affordable High Rise Apartments and Independent Villas in Lucknow. ORO City offers LDA approved affordable projects in Lucknow, satisfying all your needs.

The kind of lifestyle one experiences is strongly reflected in the kind of house they live in. The debate between High Rise Apartments and Independent Villas is never-ending, but the choice is in the hands of the buyer. Factors like the buyer’s economic status, bank loan opportunities, privacy, and security, play an important role in making that decision.

Are you the fun-loving extrovert who likes to make new lifelong social connections, or are you the person who needs a peaceful space to relax and spend time with your close friends and family? The decision is yours!