With so many new launch projects in Lucknow, it has become crucial to verify and check the construction quality of any house. Even the Director-General of the Construction Industry Development Council mentions – “Just like a human body, the structure’s health should be diagnosed. If the construction is poor, even a new building can collapse, but where construction quality is good, then even old buildings can have a long life.”

So, if you are about to buy any 2BHK apartment in Lucknow or 3BHK apartment in Lucknow or even if you are about to invest in any residential projects in Lucknow then Oro Elements in Lucknow strongly recommends this checklist to ensure that the construction quality of the house is top-notch:

What ground soil was the house built on?

Different types of areas of residential projects in Lucknow can have varied kinds of natural soil. It is important to verify what kind of soil was the house built on. The reason determining the ground soil under the house is important because some soils can support high-rise buildings and some cannot. Similarly, uneven and unstable soil can cause the building to be quite weak and frail. The ground soil of the house will help determine the structural rigidity of the home.

Pro-tip by Oro Elements in Lucknow: Soils that are good options as ground soil under a house are – sandy, chalky, loamy, etc. Soils that have a weak bearing capacity and high shrinkage features are – black cotton soil and clay-rich soil. A more rigid structure will ensure maximum safety for your home from the foundation itself.

Can the house structure stand a natural calamity?

While buying any approved project in Lucknow it may not always be possible for you to interpret and understand the structural design of the house appropriately. Therefore, be sure to take the help of an expert from a construction company in Lucknow to ensure that you understand how the building is structured. Understanding the house structure is an important factor in determining the construction quality of any house because it can give you a sense of whether or not that house can stand a natural calamity within a specific magnitude.

Check the quality of fixtures and fitting

Be sure to check the quality of the fitting of the fixtures in the house. Such details can tell you a lot about the comfort and quality of amenities in the house. So if you do get a chance to visit your potential new house then go through the electric accessories like the switches in every room, taps, washbasins, showerheads, etc. You can simply try to use a little force and move these fixtures and ultimately you should not be able to move them.

Pro-tip by Oro Elements in Lucknow: Other than the fixtures and fitting of appliances in the house, also try to check the quality of the door hinges and window panes. You can try to simply open and close the doors and windows multiple times and look for creaking sounds or jammed hinges. If you do come across any such issues you must immediately inform the builder and get it fixed because more often than not these small fittings and fixtures go a long way in saving your repair costs and increasing the longevity of amenities.

Is the plastering quality fit?

The previous checkpoint was about seeing if the wall develops any cracks when you apply pressure on it with a key. But this checkpoint is about any cracks in the wall plastering that are already present. Small cracks in the plastering of walls are a very common yet overlooked checkpoint. It is even more important to check for any kind of cracks and crevices in the walls if the housing projects in Lucknow that you are buying are old or vintage.

Pro-tip by Oro Elements in Lucknow: Wall cracks can usually be found in the lower portions of walls or where the ceiling and the wall meet. Such kinds of cracks not only indicate weak plastering quality but also possible water leakages.

Is the concrete mix strong?

The concrete mix that is used by any construction company to build any new launch projects in Lucknow is another very important factor in determining the construction quality of a house. The concrete mix usually determines how much load the house can bear and carry. It may be tough to understand the exact details of the concrete mixture, but nevertheless, you must attempt to contact the builder and extract these details.

Buying a home can be tense and scary. But it need not always be so. Yes, there can be hidden defects in any residential and housing project but that does not mean all of them are bound to fail. In fact most of the residential and LDA projects in Lucknow are sure to pass these tests. You can easily make use of this super handy checklist and appropriately determine the construction quality of any house. These tips will definitely add more value to your search for the right house or the right investment. And as always, Oro Constrcution in Lucknow is always here to guide and assist you in your journey into the real estate realm.