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Moving to a new house is a mix of discrete emotions. It is a total new experience as well as it can be quite challenging too. The task becomes entirely different when there is a kid with you. Amid the chaos of packing and shifting, the child can experience an emotional turmoil when asked to say goodbye to his friends, his room and the familiar place that he has been calling home.

Telling the kid about moving can also be a difficult task because you never know how he may react to the news. Some of them could be positive hearing the news while others could be really sad by the fact of leaving their earlier residence. It is a totally subjective thing as it may differ with different kids.

But luckily, we have a few pointers for you which you can ponder if you are looking to shift to a new house soon.

Have a talk with the FAMILY:

As soon as you have a final decision to move, make sure you have a family meeting where all the members of the family sit together and have a discussion about it.

Give them enough INFORMATION:

Make sure the discussion is healthy and you disseminate maximum information to your child about the new house, the reason for you moving and also how the new house is, the locality wherein you all will be living now. Give them reasons to be excited about the new house. Tell the benefits of the new surroundings, things that can make their mood joyful.

COMMUNICATE & Answer their queries:

The real problem arises when the child feels he is being neglected by the family and his concerns are being ignored. So the key to the problem is make your child your priority and never make him feel that way. Ask for their opinions and advice too. Make them feel important.

Once you have your children by your side, it's very crucial that you strategize your moving by organizing and planning each and every thing in advance. It’s time to buckle down and get everything ready. Keeping an eye on everything, handling your child's mood swings and loading and unloading those heavy boxes full of toys and books are a few of challenges you might face. So, here are some tips that can make your journey a bit smoother and help you survive your move.

ORGANIZE your Move:

With the toddlers, make sure you have a proper organized move. Ask the kids to pack their stuff themselves. This can make them feel super excited and important at the same time.

START earlier than needed:

With the kids, it is very important that you start earlier than you would usually do. This would also help you to deep clean everything, sort the things you won’t be needing in your new home and also donate the older stuff to the needy beforehand so that you are carrying the right and cleaned stuff to your new house.

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Make LISTS and NOTES for everything:

Make sure you have a To-do list of what you need to do each day and work according to the same.

PACK organized:

Don’t just fill your stuff in boxes, make sure you put the right stuff in the right box. This will lessen half of your work when you wish to unpack in the new house. Do not forget to mention the names of the person to whom the box actually belongs.

Be prepared to face CHALLENGES:

Moving to a new house could be a very big thing and it is obvious that you may experience the unexpected. Be ready to face them. Keep in mind that moving to the new house isn’t the only thing you are doing, keep your family your priority and give them importance. Don’t let the thoughts of moving always surface your mind and your actions too won’t show that.

Get ready for the BIG Day:

The day of moving can be quite hectic and busy one for you. So be prepared to face that too. Make plans before the big day, keep things in your hand, hire packers and movers so that no heavy lifting is done by you all. Do not stress over anything big or small, it can really freak the children. Make sure you maintain your cool and composed nature throughout the move.


Think of the moving to a new house as a new positive thing you are going to witness. This will make the whole activity fun and easy going. If you will take the action negatively and hecticly, the child would also feel the same way. Make it a point that you have a positive vibe running through your house all throughout the process.

You need not be a mathematician to know the fact that joining the little ones to an already stressful situation equals a lot more stress. But the important thing that you need to know is you can surely make it a lot easier for you as well as for your children by just being extra cautious and handling each thing or discussion with more love and compassion. Keep the tips mentioned above in your mind and your job will become a lot more simpler. If you just take time to prepare your kids beforehand, get them involved in the whole moving thing and keep your cool, you are definitely going to see lesser bumps on this wonderful journey.

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