A small cozy apartment in Lucknow is definitely a comfortable and cute way of living. But it definitely is hard to decorate. Cramping the couch, chairs, tables, and other furniture tightly in your home might make you feel claustrophobic and rather confining. Not that small spaces are always bad, but it's just that small homes can sometimes be very challenging to decorate and revamp to suit your elaborate style. But is there any solution to making your tiny apartment seem bigger without breaking down walls and restructuring the house, be it a 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK apartment in Lucknow? Yes, there is! Oro City in Lucknow brings to you the top 10 secrets on how to make a small home look bigger.

Downscale your furniture

The first and foremost tip on creating the feel of a larger space is to buy smaller and simpler furniture pieces. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a couch so small only children can fit on it. It's more about buying smarter! For instance, sofa chairs are a better and classier option for any housing project in Lucknow to make space look bigger. A sofa chair is not as bulky as a sofa set and a high-rise sofa chair is even better because it gives the sense of more airiness and space between the ground and the seating.

Plan the positioning of your mirrors

If you haven’t already seen the top residential projects in Lucknow using mirrors to make a home look big then you really must. Mirrors are a very important piece of furniture in enhancing the spaciousness of a house. If you use small to medium-sized mirrors and place them opposite to the windows in your apartment in Lucknow then the mirrors will be able to reflect more light around the house. And more light always gives a stronger sense of spaciousness.

Lighter fabric material

Just like you can’t have bulky furniture pieces because they make the apartment look smaller, you can’t have heavy-weight and bulky fabric. This tip works best for curtains. So try to look for curtains that are lighter and brighter in color and fabric. For most new launch projects in Lucknow and sample flats, we prefer to use linen curtains as they don’t absorb as much light as heavy fabrics and make the room feel more spacious.

Follow the sweet melon rule

There is a famous and funny rule here at Oro City in Lucknow, ‘anything that is more than the size of a sweet melon is clutter’. Take time out and go through all the showpieces in your living room and if there's anything that is even slightly bigger than a sweet melon, put it away in storage. The point is that large-sized showpieces make the room look smaller in perspective. Therefore, it becomes important to make sure that all the items that are placed out as a showpiece are small.

Indulge in bright or neutral color paints

Most new launch projects in Lucknow and residential projects in Lucknow will always have a neutral color painted over the ceiling. The point is that neutral and bright colors give the idea of an infinite space instead of a finite space. So one of the easiest ways to make a home look bigger is to paint the ceiling in brighter colors, I personally recommend nude or rose gold for the ceiling, but any bright/neutral color will do the trick!

Furniture with higher legs

To make a home look bigger and give a spacious feel it’s important to get furniture that is not low rise, but actually high rise furniture. So whether it's tables, sofa chairs, regular chairs, etc. try to buy furniture pieces that are taller and have longer legs instead of ones that stick close to the ground.

Get a statement piece

You don’t need to restrict your home décor to small and tiny pieces of furniture. If you are someone who likes big statement pieces, then we can still make way for them! For successful residential projects in Lucknow intended at making homes look bigger the key is to get all high-rise small furniture, but just one big statement piece. You might not be able to get a statement piece like a life-sized bear or something, but a calming and intriguing abstract painting, or a table with a very pop color combination, etc. will definitely add the ‘oomph’ factor to your home.

Get rid of the rugs and drapes

Just like mirrors are supposed to increase the view and make rooms seem bigger and wider, rugs and drapes actually block the view of people and make any room seem more confined. So if you were planning on getting any rugs or heavy drapes, then right away cancel those plans. Yet, if you really do want to get curtains, then as mentioned in the earlier tips, always go for bright colored and light-weight curtains.

Make a pathway to move

While trying to make a home look bigger you might want to space out all the furniture away from each other and create a sense of space. But that isn’t how perspective works. To make a home look bigger, it's important that you can clearly see space to walk around, almost like a pathway. And the way to do that is the move your furniture toward one side or at least make sure there is space to move around freely without bumping into furniture.

Use natural materials

Natural materials can give a classier and more spacious finish to any home. For any kind of furniture pieces like chairs, sofa, tables, showpieces, etc. try to buy natural materials such as different kinds of wood, jute, linen, etc. instead of unnatural materials such as plastic. Not to mention that this will not only render a sophisticated look to your home look but will also make it more sustainable.

So what’s the wait for? Get started with these amazing tips by Oro City in Lucknow for transforming any dark, dingy, small, and cozy spaces into large, spacious, and airy homes for any residential projects in Lucknow. We know you want to build a comfortable and aesthetic space for yourself and we are here to help! The key is to be firm with your decisions. Don’t get lured into buying bulky furniture, dark curtains, or low-rise furniture just because of the price or looks. Because the end goal is to create your grand space that breathes!