Why Would You Recommend Jankipuram Neighbourhoods For Your Future Home?

Why Would You Recommend Jankipuram Neighbourhoods For Your Future Home?

Buying a home can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. It's quite an adventure! Owning a home is more than just hype; it's the gateway to long-term and short-term financial success. And, if you have been planning to buy a real estate for yourself in Lucknow, now is the time to do it.

Real-Estate In Lucknow

Ever since the name of Lucknow has featured on the list of smart cities, all the stakeholders, investors and builders have been brainstorming to make the most out of it. Lucknow is a fast-developing city and can be on par with the metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi. So, buying your Dream Home in this city, especially when you have many upcoming and ongoing LDA approved projects in Lucknow is a good idea. Be it an independent house or a 2 & 3 BHK apartment. The city is the hub of affordable housing. The price bracket may be anywhere between Rs 25-55 lakh. 2 BHK and 3BHK units move well in the market. But what makes these popular apart from the pricing? A lot of factors contribute to the city's popularity. Formal researches have termed the city as one of the fastest-growing with its Metro network and the expressway. The scope for medical-tourism has also gone up by leaps and bounds. Given its development, job opportunities are growing, especially for the business communities, migration from the neighbouring cities is now standard.

This, therefore, becomes an excellent time to buy. The comparative cost advantage has urged many business people to flock to the city and invest.

Buyer's Biggest Dilemma

Buying a home isn't a cakewalk; many problems a home buyer faces while searching for a dream house. One of the main hurdles is deciding the location of the house. There are many pieces of advice that one seeks for on how to choose the ideal place. Few home buyers prefer picking up an affordable and spacious house on the city's outskirts than investing a massive amount for a small apartment in a prime location in the town. With a developing and ever-growing city like Lucknow, no site seems un-prime or outskirt.

Some locations are so-called Prime locations now, but they were called outskirts or non-primary not many years back. Many thought it was a waste of idea and investment to buy a property in such a location. But now, they are repenting their decision of not buying a property in those locations, because what was then called a non-prime location, is now one of the most critical places in the city and has seen tremendous development. The clever ones who decided to invest in buying a property in these areas have given them a return of over 200%.

Yes, that's the pace at which the city has been growing. And with tons of LDA approved Projects on their way in Lucknow, this development rate is only going to increase soon.

Jankipuram Neighbourhoods For Your Future Home.

Now, one of such locations which are under the spotlight of development is Jankipuram. And If you were to take my opinion, the very thought of buying a property in this area is excellent and you must hold on to it. Jankipuram is also one of those locations of Lucknow which has developed at a rapid pace.

To give you a glimpse of its nearby areas, it is situated just 2.5 kms from Tedhi Puliya and is located in close proximity to Kursi road, Ring road and Sitapur road.

So, it is not that interior of a place after all. Jankipruam in-fact is home to the most popular residential projects in Lucknow, known as the Sahara States. Moreover, the Government Engineering College is at a distance of 2 Kms from Jankipuram via the Gomti Nagar Flyover. Well-developed public infrastructure and open green spaces make Jankipuram and extension one of the better areas to invest in medium to long term. With the LDA housing scheme's success, the prices in Jankipuram and their extension are already witnessing an upward trend. The most significant plus point of Jankipuram and its extension is the proximity to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and IET & Law faculty of Lucknow University. With many professionals, the area offers reasonable rental accommodation for residential apartments in the long run.

Yes, that is Jankipuram for you!

Future awaits for Jankipuram and you. Neighbouring with the best markets, hospitals, schools and colleges of the city, this place is worth it. Be it independent villas to 2 & 3 BHK apartments, Jankipuram has it all. It is indeed the best real estate in Lucknow at a much affordable price.

Think of it now so that you don't repent later, because, you know,
Time and Real-Estate waits for none.